TSOL – Disappear

25 Oct

June 26, 2001
Nitro Records

Jack Grisham – Vocals
Ron Emory – Guitar
Mike Roche – Bass
Jay O’Brien – Drums

1. Motivate
2. Sodomy
3. Crybaby
4. Anticop
5. Terrible People
6. Pyro
7. In My Head
8. Renounce
9. Socialite
10. Wasted
11. Automatic
12. Paranoid
13. Disappear

I have owned every TSOL album ever produced at one time or another, with the exception of the Joe Wood albums, and I have found something good in all of them, sometimes only a guitar riff; this one, however, I couldn’t find shit. Sorry, I’m a huge TSOL fan, but I didn’t dig this one.

If you don’t own it, don’t sweat it.

Rating: * ** one out of three stars

On with the story . . .

Back in the early part of 1982, maybe late 1981, there was a woman making headlines. Her mug was on every talk show, and her quotes were splattered across pages of many woman’s magazines. Her name was Serena Dank. She founded some exploitive group called Parents Against Punkers. Between Flipside, Maximum Rock and Roll, and We Got Power, Serena received tons of hate mail, rude cartoons, and overall vile comments.

Her goal was to sort of re-program punk kids into law-abiding preppies. But her argument was that punks were absolutely everything that was wrong with society. What blew about this was, like every group, there were some bad apples, but, every punk I knew was trying to make something of themselves.

None of Serena Danks’ ranting bothered me much. I felt I was under the radar enough to be immune. And I was for a minute, then at the age of 15 or 16, my mom and I would fight every time we would leave the house together. I wanted my leather jacket and 5 minutes to spike my hair. I was young, and mom took it way too serious.

So, she signed the family up for therapy. I went for about three months, the shrink was always trying to get me to come with my hair spiked, but for some reason, this embarrassed me, and I wouldn’t do it.

After a few sessions with my mom and me together, the shrink told me she thought my mom was over-bearing, I really didn’t know what this meant, so I said, “Cool.” And thought nothing more about it. Then one day my mom was after me about something or other and I blurted it something along the lines of, “The shrink is right, you are over-bearing.” This flipped my mom out a bit, and she accused me of making this up.

Within a day or so my mom called and canceled all further therapy sessions. It was chalked up to me swaying the shrink to my way of thinking. Kind of using “Hitler-like mind control”. I was accused of this when I was much younger if neighborhood kids liked me, but not my mom so much, I was pulling a “Hitler.”

Anyway, having gone through this I probably won’t care what my kids do with their hair, but then again, I might turn into an old fart and bitch about hair length and color too. But the greatest thing to come out of the therapy was that my brother went on to become a psychologist himself.




Misconceptions of Hell is available now: http://goo.gl/n9ofGb

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4 Responses to “TSOL – Disappear”

  1. 1
    Roger Dean Says:

    I dig their earlier stuff better. This was so so . . .

  2. 2
    Charles Says:

    LOL I remember Serena Dank. I’m a little older than you so she was a little too late to affect my degenerate teenage years. But I decided to take a walk down memory lane and look up her infamous appearance on the Phil Donahue show in 1984, I still vividly remember seeing it live. And it’s all on YouTube, in four parts. I watch it and I think how normal these kids look, and how fucking weird the old folks are. What is the fucking deal with their HAIR??! I mean the OLD people, not the kids!


    You know, watching this show, I am surprised at how good an interviewer Donahue is, and how good he was at giving a forum for the kids, who are intelligent and articulate. Ah the good old days when punks could be punks.

  3. 3
    Mike Essington Says:

    Charles: Good to hear from you. Yeah, I look back at how we looked then and how kids look now. We were harmless.

    – Mike

  4. 4
    Charles Says:

    “Mostly Harmless” is the usual literary reference.

    I watched that whole Donahue show again and now with the hindsight of 30 years, I do not at all have the negative opinion that I had when I saw the show live in the 80s. I was surprised that both the mom and the girl who were in counseling with Serena Dank, were happy with her ability to bring them together (and to calm down the mom’s hysteria), and Serena did make some definite statements to the audience to give the kids a chance, hear them out, and try to understand who they are and what they are trying to do.

    I was also surprised to see Al Jourgensen in the show, he mentioned his band Ministry. They were around for decades, and Jorgensen is still in the music biz. I guess that answers the nasty questions from the audience members, “Is this just a fad, or are you going to be like this FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?!?”

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