Fozzy’s Hero, Symbol Six, New Resin, and Imperial – LIVE

22 Nov

Fozzy’s Hero, Symbol Six, New Resin, and Imperial
The Airliner, Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, March 24, 2012

I missed Imperial. The show started at 9:00, and I’m not sure which side of the bill they were.

The funny thing about Weber’s is it’s less than a half a block away from where my dad used to live. So we spent many years skateboarding on the street where Weber’s is located. Brings back all kinds of memories.

So, this was the first time in about a year that my wife and I hit a show together. We’ve seen mellower bands like Volbeat (crazy slam-pit), and Continental, and a few others. This time, since the show was so close, she came along to catch Symbol Six.

We met up with vocalist Eric Leach in the parking lot, rapped for a bit then went inside. Sat towards the back, and watched New Resin. Now, how do I word this? They are not my type of band. This cookie monster style is huge. People love it, there are festivals where every band is screaming for cookies, but it’s just not for me. Other than that, I guess they were good.

The second band of the night was the mighty — Symbol Six. If you haven’t seen these guys before, go. Every one of their songs is worthy of being a single. The last two years have turned them into a frickin’ Sherman Tank. I’ve seen them many times over the years, and they have never been tighter, like — stop on a dime tight. Tighter than an ant’s a-hole.

As I’ve stated in the past, when you see Symbol Six there is always the feeling that this is the show. Symbol Six is always upping their game a few notches. Not to say the other bands aren’t good, I’m saying if another band is playing a good set, Symbol Six will play a great set, and Eric Leach will howl the vocals from the pit. Symbol Six steamrolled into their classics, like Beverlywood, and Symbol Six and new classics like Dog Days, with everybody, is singing along.

A cool moment was when Eric Leach started throwing shirts from the stage, one hit the ceiling and my wife was able to catch it.

One of the best parts of the set was as they were about to launch into their last song of the night, Dog Days, from their Monsters 11 album, they called members of Soul Trash to the stage, and everybody rushed the stage. So everybody that could fit on stage, took the stage and belted out the loudest, raunchiest version of Dog Days I’ve ever heard. F’in’ perfection.

The only annoying thing of any merit was the broad standing next to me (blonde) was waving her arm up and down during Symbol Six’s set as if she was watching Naughty by Nature. Part of me wanted to lean over and whisper, “Go back to Simi Valley.”

After Symbol Six wrapped up, the wife and I said our goodbyes and went home to relieve the nanny.

All in all, a great show. The PA was good, clear view of the bands, and I had fun.




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One Response to “Fozzy’s Hero, Symbol Six, New Resin, and Imperial – LIVE”

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    Eddie Cook Says:

    I miss Weber’s Place. The last owner drove it into the ground.

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