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Black Flag – My War

27 Dec

Black Flag My War December 1984 SST Records Producer: Greg Ginn, Spot, Bill Stevenson 1. My War (Dukowski) – 3:46 2. Can’t Decide (Ginn) – 5:22 3. Beat My Head Against the Wall (Ginn) – 2:34 4. I Love You (Dukowski) – 3:27 5. Forever Time (Ginn/Rollins) – 2:30 6. The Swinging Man (Ginn/Rollins) – […]

Top 10 Punk Guitarists

20 Dec

Top 10 Punk Guitarists I like doing these lists. I like pulling out old albums and remembering the pieces of music that shaped my youth. The lyrics that made me think, the guitar riffs that I’d hum during class when I should’ve been taking a test, the logos I’d draw on my notebook. I love […]

Henry Rollins – Provoked

14 Dec

Henry Rollins Provoked 2.13.61 Records April 1, 2008 1. Sex Ed 2. Kids 3. Indie 103 Party 4. Wide Stance Sitter 5. Horses 6. Van Halen 7. Invasion Force 8. Mandelaism 9. Nature’s Wild 10. Adrian 11. What I Am Henry has some kick ass stories here. The imitations of Raymond Pettibon and David Lee […]

Top 10 Punk Compilations

07 Dec

Top 10 Punk Compilations Number 10 Tooth and Nail Label: Upsetter Records Released: 1978 I remember seeing this at my Uncle’s place when it first came out. It was the first L.A. or West Coast punk album I ever saw or heard. So, I’m including it for sentimental reasons. Mostly rough & melodic LA punk […]

Last One To Die by Michael Essington

01 Dec

So, I sat down on the edge of the building and waited for the show. Bill started crawling on his belly, military-style, until he got to the edge of the building, once there he started beaming oranges at any car that drove by. Now Bill came from a relatively upscale neighborhood in Encino, so the […]

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