19 Jan

In February of 2017, I’m going stop writing for I’ve done the Mike Check column for them since February of 2007, and I think it’s time to step away.

It’s been a helluva lot of fun and I’ve heard so much music and seen so many shows. I’m grateful Scott let me come aboard.

After a decade, I’m not sure what else there is to say. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and read my rants.

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Broken is available now:

6 Responses to “Goodbye!”

  1. 1
    Roger Dean Says:

    Shit! It’s going to suck to see you go. What am I supposed to read now? That shitty site Big Wheel or those hacks at Dying Scene?! Or worse yet pick up that rag Razorcake. Damn!

  2. 2
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Definitely the best punk site on the web. Sad to see you go.

  3. 3
    Dave Says:

    Sorry to hear that Mike, sad to see you go as well. Always enjoyed your stories, reviews, lists, etc. Your appreciation and observations of then and now were always fun to read and gave us something think about. Hope you manage to do it again at some point.

    Thanks for your efforts and best of luck.

    – Dave

  4. 4
    Mike E. Says:

    Thanks, Dave. At this point, I’m not sure if Scott plans to keep the site up or delete it. I have a blog that I started about a year ago: And I update it twice a week. It’s not as much music related as it is stories and observations. Head over there from time to time.

    Thanks for reading!

    – Mike

  5. 5
    Scott Says:

    Mike, you’ve been the voice of Strange Reaction for years now. Thank you for every column. You will be missed!

    I’ll be keeping the site online for a while, at least a year, so any archives will be available. No idea if I’ll do something else with it at some point or not though.

  6. 6
    Mike E. Says:

    Thanks, Scott. I appreciate you letting me write for Strange Reaction. I didn’t always have a focus, but let me figure stuff out as I went. Thanks for all the support.

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