Broken by Michael Essington

22 Sep



Written by: Michael Essington
Essex Digital Media, Inc.
September 17, 2017

Michael Essington not only understands the seedy underworld but successfully conveys the fear that lurks behind its macho posturing.

Broken is easily one of the best books of the year so far. It takes the gut-punching prose and hustle of Last One To Die and kicks it up several notches. Essington doesn’t simply rehash his first book; he expands upon his oeuvre. Fair warning though: if you have not read Last One To Die, a lot of what makes Broken great will be lost on you.

Broken’s big change is a tonal shift. Last One To Die was very much a coming-of-age novel, albeit a twisted and black one.

This book tackles the reality of life: few, if any, people can escape their own stupidity. The average moron will keep on making the same mistakes again and again until he dies. Magical transformations are nearly impossible to pull off, and anyone who claims to have done one should be looked at with deep skepticism.

This is not a happy book or an uplifting book, but it’s a funny, gripping and real one. Broken isn’t just a viciously honest portrayal of drug addicts, criminals and homeless, it’s a scathing commentary on American society and human nature. If you haven’t read Last One To Die, read it; if you have, Broken should be next on your list.

If you don’t own it, give it a read.

Rating: *** three out of three stars




Broken is available now:

2 Responses to “Broken by Michael Essington”

  1. 1
    Roger Dean Says:

    Great review, I ordered the book today.

  2. 2
    Eddie Cook Says:

    Thanks, Roger. You’ll enjoy it.

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