What’s the fascinating history of Strange Reaction? The first Strange Reaction lasted from early 2005 until late 2006. This incarnation started a week after the old one was destroyed by clicking “delete” on my server. Writing little opinions on records I like as they come out has been a blast and as I’m getting more and more material sent my way I hope it keeps on for a while. I also added a weekly podcast towards the end of 2006. I’ve been off my weekly schedule for a bit and hope to get things together in 2011.

Who’s here? I’m Scott and I keep the place running. Sometimes. Unless the site goes down, then it’s Host Gator (my host) who gets the blame.

In late 2006 Brian Oliver posted some excellent reviews. He disappeared from my radar in 2007. I hope he’s doing well.

Mike E. has been posting articles since February of 2007 and all of them can be seen in the “Mike Check” section of the site. He’s written for Flipside and is currently a staff columnist for Spark Plug Magazine. Without his writing here the site would have most likely disappeared into the abyss, so thanks Mike!

What’s a podcast? How do I subscribe to get your latest podcast when it shows up instead of downloading them one at a time?
I recommend checking out Feedburner. That’s an easy to use FREE website that lets you subscribe to podcasts and even stream them. Check out the sidebar for my direct link!

Streaming only? I want free music! When this version was started all music was streaming only. I’ve since changed that rule a bit and will allow downloads on certain releases unless I get into grief with the labels. I’m doing this site for promotion, so I hope there isn’t an issue but will of course abide by their say. I don’t plan on making tracks from a 3-song EP available for downloading, that seems a bit silly.

I’m a band/label that wants to send you music for review, what do I put for an address? Please visit the submissions page for more info, and thanks for the interest!

You didn’t answer my question at all, what gives?
Feel free to give me a piece of your mind.

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