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Under A Broken Street Lamp – Michael Essington and David Gurz

08 Feb

Under A Broken Street Lamp Written by: Michael Essington and David Gurz Essex Digital Media 2013 Middle-age can be murder. The resiliency of youth has gone. The bones have become brittle. The blows seem to sink deeper–each one making the chances of mounting a spirited attack less likely. Only stubborn pride keeps you from sinking […]

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

20 Jan

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll Release date January 8, 2010 Directed by Mat Whitecross Andy Serkis as Ian Dury Naomie Harris as Denise Ray Winstone as Bill Dury Olivia Williams as Betty Dury Noel Clarke as Desmond Toby Jones as Hargreaves Ralph Ineson as the Sulfate Strangler Mackenzie Crook as Russell Hardy Bill […]

Gang Green – Another Wasted Night

13 Jan

Gang Green Another Wasted Night Label: Taang! Records Released: 1986 Produced: AC Peters & Gang Green Chris Doherty – vocals, guitar Chuck Stilphen – guitar Glen Stilphen – bass Walter Gustafson – drums 1. 19th Hole 2. Alcohol 3. Another Wasted Night 4. Voices Carry 5. Protect and Serve 6. Eight Ball 7. Evil 8. […]

Gang Green – Preschool

07 Jan

Gang Green Preschool Label: Taang! Records Released: 1989, Re-released 1990 Produced: Lou Giordano Chris Doherty – vocals, guitar Bill Manley – bass Mike Dean – drums 1. Sold Out – 2:04 2. Terrorize – 0:48 3. Snob – 0:28 4. Lie Lie – 0:37 5. I Don’t Know – 1:03 6. Rabies – 1:27 7. […]

Top 10 Punk Films

31 Dec

As we close out the decade, I’ve been reading more and more top 10 lists, so I thought I would give you my top 10 punk movies/DVD’s of the moment. So, for the whiners, I know, I know you’re going to say “Dude, I can’t believe you left off KTEL Presents Bob’s Bung-Hole’s Video Classics, […]

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