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19 Jan

In February of 2017, I’m going stop writing for I’ve done the Mike Check column for them since February of 2007, and I think it’s time to step away. It’s been a helluva lot of fun and I’ve heard so much music and seen so many shows. I’m grateful Scott let me come aboard. […]

Battalion of Saints – Fighting Boys

18 Jan

Battalion of Saints Fighting Boys 12” EP 1982 – Nutron Records George Anthony – Vocals Chris Smith – Guitar James Cooper – Bass Ted Olsen – Drums 1 – E/B 1:11 2 – Fighting Boys 1:43 3 – Modern Day Heroes 1:13 4 – (I’m Wanna) Make You Scream 2:28 I remember the exact moment […]

The Book of Rock Lists by Dave Marsh and Kevin Stein

03 Jan

Dave Marsh and Kevin Stein The Book of Rock Lists 1981 A Dell/Rolling Stone Press Book I bought this book at a library sale about a year to a year and a half ago. I’d pack my four-year-old boy in the car and off we’d go. At this point everyone I know has been sent […]

Black Flag – My War

27 Dec

Black Flag My War December 1984 SST Records Producer: Greg Ginn, Spot, Bill Stevenson 1. My War (Dukowski) – 3:46 2. Can’t Decide (Ginn) – 5:22 3. Beat My Head Against the Wall (Ginn) – 2:34 4. I Love You (Dukowski) – 3:27 5. Forever Time (Ginn/Rollins) – 2:30 6. The Swinging Man (Ginn/Rollins) – […]

Top 10 Punk Guitarists

20 Dec

Top 10 Punk Guitarists I like doing these lists. I like pulling out old albums and remembering the pieces of music that shaped my youth. The lyrics that made me think, the guitar riffs that I’d hum during class when I should’ve been taking a test, the logos I’d draw on my notebook. I love […]

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