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Flipside #120

20 Mar

Flipside Issue: 120 Released: September/October 1999 Featured bands: Hot Water Music At The Drive In Blood Axis Groovie Ghoulies The Hookers Inger Lorre Leatherface Mongoloid Trial of the Molly Maguires Queens of the Stone Age Six Inch Killaz Suburban Voice The Von Zippers On March 21, 2008, I saw an ad on Craig’s List announcing […]

Rikk Agnew – All By Myself

11 Mar

Rikk Agnew – All By Myself Label: Frontier Records Released: October 1982 Rikk Agnew – vocals, guitar, bass and drums 1 O.C. Life 2 10 3 Yur 2 Late 4 Everyday 5 One Shot 6 Falling Out 7 Surfside 8 It’s Doing Something 9 Fast 10 Section 8 Rikk Agnew wrote, sang and played every […]

Siouxsie and the Banshees– The Staircase (Mystery) – Single

04 Mar

Siouxsie and the Banshees– The Staircase (Mystery) Single Label: Poyldor Records Released: March 23, 1979 Produced: Nils Stevesson Siouxsie Sioux- vocals John McKay – guitar Steven Severin – bass Kenny Morris – drums 1. The Staircase (Mystery) – 3:06 2. 20th Century Boy – 1:59 There was a time between 1977 or 1978 to 1979 […]

Life Won’t Wait by Michael Essington

02 Mar

This week we have a guest columnist, writer Marius Gustaitis, who some may be familiar with his great blog Trudging Through The Fire (, if not check it out. I love when my intuition turns out to be right. When it confirms my suspicions. Tells me my assessments are dialed-in. On target. I love it. […]

The Livingstons, Symbol Six, Dead Lazlo’s Place, Million Kids – LIVE

25 Feb

The Livingstons, Symbol Six, Dead Lazlo’s Place, Million Kids The Blue Star, Los Angeles, CA Friday, May 6, 2011 Here’s another great line-up put on by Kenny Kimmel over at the Blue Star. If you have never been to the Blue Star, queue up your GPS, type in new in new directions, type in from […]

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