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Usual Suspects Issue 7.5

24 Sep

Usual Suspects Issue 7.5 Penguin Press The Usual Suspects is a zine that I only heard of recently. Through a friend of a friend kind of thing I was introduced to author Dave Gurz. Gurz is the writer of two eBooks, You’re Gonna Die Out There and Subterranean Emerald City Blues. I was lucky enough […]

Top 10 Punk Movies

19 Sep

Top 10 Punk Movies Number 10 The Decline of Western Civilization III Studio: Spheeris Films Director: Penelope Spheeris Released: 1998 In some ways this film is a bit better than the first Decline, in that there is a stronger message (homelessness, and the lack of true political impact the initial 1980’s Los Angeles punk movement […]

Joe Carducci – Interview

17 Sep

For years I had heard about Joe Carducci, author, song writer, screenplay writer and for a time, quarter owner of the infamous SST Records. Carducci is a definite jack-of-all-trades that for whatever reasons our paths never crossed, but I always wanted to rap with the guy and through the technology of Facebook I tracked him […]

Rat Music for Rat People/TSOL – Live 91

10 Sep

Rat Music for Rat People Vol. 1 Label: Go! Records Released: 1982 1. DOA – America the Beautiful 2. DOA – Fucked Up Ronnie 3. Flipper – Life 4. Circle Jerks – Live Fast, Die Young 5. Bad Brains – How Low Can A Punk Get? 6. Bad Brains – Don’t Bother Me 7. Crucifix […]

Weirdos, Naked Aggression, Killroy & The Dips – LIVE

05 Sep

Weirdos, Naked Aggression, Killroy & The Dips The Cobalt Cafe Sunday, August 24, 2014 Admission $13.00 I went to see the Weirdos show on Sunday night. And I have to say, as a fan, you should pretty much go to any show that Eric Lara promotes. The shows aren’t over-billed (never six, seven to eight […]

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