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Sex Pistols – Live At the Longhorn

19 Nov

Sex Pistols – Live At the Longhorn Label: (Bootleg) Released: 1978 Johnny Rotten: Vocals Sid Vicious: Bass Paul Cook: Drums Steve Jones: 1. EMI 2. Bodies 3. Belsen Was a Gas 4. Holidays in the Sun 5. No Feelings 6. Problems 7. Pretty Vacant 8. Anarchy in the UK 9. No Fun Sex Pistols live […]

Earth Dies Burning – LIVE

12 Nov

Earth Dies Burning/Zoogz Rift Lhasa Club, Hollywood, CA Friday, March 16, 1984 Admission $5.00 Time: 9:00 PM Matt Karlsen – Vocals Jeff Karlsen – Keyboards/Guitar Brad Laner – Keyboards Spencer Savage – Drums Bored Teenager Fish Sticks Another Six Year-Old Bowling for Food Saliva 60 Minutes/Duck, and Cover Soaps Mr. Blue Psychotic Reaction Heroin This […]

Top 10 Punk Compilations

05 Nov

Top 10 Punk Compilations Number 10 Tooth And Nail Label: Upsetter Records Released: 1978 I remember seeing this at my Uncle’s place when it first came out. It was the first L.A. or West Coast punk album I ever saw or heard. So, I’m including it for sentimental reasons. Mostly rough, and melodic L.A. punk […]

My So-Called Punk by: Matt Diehl

29 Oct

My So-Called Punk Written by: Matt Diehl April 2007 St. Martin’s Griffin I have this terrible habit, well terrible isn’t the right word. The right word is compulsion; I have a compulsion to hit up the Goodwill store every weekend. I’m convinced the weekend I don’t go, someone is going to drop off every old […]

Polygraph, The Reckoning, Your Arsenal, Silver Snakes, Therapy Session – LIVE

22 Oct

Polygraph, The Reckoning, Your Arsenal, Silver Snakes, Therapy Session Mr. T’s Bowl, Highland Park, CA Friday, February 11, 2011 Admission $5.00 Time: 8:00 PM Like every show I go to, it seems like all the real drama seems to happen outside of the club. From the moment we got off the freeway, on some dark […]

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