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My So-Called Punk by: Matt Diehl

29 Oct

My So-Called Punk Written by: Matt Diehl April 2007 St. Martin’s Griffin I have this terrible habit, well terrible isn’t the right word. The right word is compulsion; I have a compulsion to hit up the Goodwill store every weekend. I’m convinced the weekend I don’t go, someone is going to drop off every old […]

Polygraph, The Reckoning, Your Arsenal, Silver Snakes, Therapy Session – LIVE

22 Oct

Polygraph, The Reckoning, Your Arsenal, Silver Snakes, Therapy Session Mr. T’s Bowl, Highland Park, CA Friday, February 11, 2011 Admission $5.00 Time: 8:00 PM Like every show I go to, it seems like all the real drama seems to happen outside of the club. From the moment we got off the freeway, on some dark […]

Top 10 Punk Albums

17 Oct

Top 10 Punk Albums Number 10 Symbol Six – EP Label: Posh Boy Producer: Robbie Fields, Jay Lansford Released: 1981 Here is a a great EP, back in a time when everybody wanted to be hardcore skinheads, these guys had longer hairs, and weren’t afraid to play ripping guitar riffs, fast and melodic. Classic punk. […]

Ron Reyes – Interview

15 Oct

By now most of you know the reunited Black Flag is without Ron Reyes. Not much to say, other than Ron has been a class act through the whole thing. And only the fans are left wondering what the hell happened? The punk rock community is very tight-knit. They will talk shit about a band, […]

Misfits -Various Compilations

10 Oct

12/20/1978: Max’s Kansas City; New York, NY (2nd Show) Label: ? Released: 1978 01-Bullet 02-Where Eagles Dare 03-Who Killed Marilyn? 04-Horror Business 05-Static Age 06-TV Casualty 07-Hollywood Babylon 08-Teenagers from Mars 09-Children in Heat 10-Attitude 11-Blue Christmas 12-We Are 138 This album is a fair recording (bootleg) of a very early Misfits show. If you […]

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