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Polygraph, The Reckoning, Your Arsenal, Silver Snakes, Therapy Session – LIVE

22 Oct

Polygraph, The Reckoning, Your Arsenal, Silver Snakes, Therapy Session Mr. T’s Bowl, Highland Park, CA Friday, February 11, 2011 Admission $5.00 Time: 8:00 PM Like every show I go to, it seems like all the real drama seems to happen outside of the club. From the moment we got off the freeway, on some dark […]

Top 10 Punk Albums

17 Oct

Top 10 Punk Albums Number 10 Symbol Six – EP Label: Posh Boy Producer: Robbie Fields, Jay Lansford Released: 1981 Here is a a great EP, back in a time when everybody wanted to be hardcore skinheads, these guys had longer hairs, and weren’t afraid to play ripping guitar riffs, fast and melodic. Classic punk. […]

Ron Reyes – Interview

15 Oct

By now most of you know the reunited Black Flag is without Ron Reyes. Not much to say, other than Ron has been a class act through the whole thing. And only the fans are left wondering what the hell happened? The punk rock community is very tight-knit. They will talk shit about a band, […]

Misfits -Various Compilations

10 Oct

12/20/1978: Max’s Kansas City; New York, NY (2nd Show) Label: ? Released: 1978 01-Bullet 02-Where Eagles Dare 03-Who Killed Marilyn? 04-Horror Business 05-Static Age 06-TV Casualty 07-Hollywood Babylon 08-Teenagers from Mars 09-Children in Heat 10-Attitude 11-Blue Christmas 12-We Are 138 This album is a fair recording (bootleg) of a very early Misfits show. If you […]

Symbol Six, Soul Trash, Off By An Inch – LIVE

08 Oct

Symbol Six, Soul Trash, Off By An Inch Harper’s Theater, Tarzana, CA Saturday, February 26, 2011 Admission $5.00 Time: 8:30 PM This was one of the last shows of the “Liquor Store Tour” that has taken Symbol Six, Soul Trash, and Off By An Inch from San Francisco on February 16, 2011, up through Oregon, […]

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