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Under A Broken Streep Lamp by Michael Essington & David Gurz

02 Jan

Under A Broken Street Lamp Written by: Michael Essington and David Gurz Essex Digital Media Published: 2013 Middle-age can be murder. The resiliency of youth has gone. The bones have become brittle. The blows seem to sink deeper–each one making the chances of mounting a spirited attack less likely. Only stubborn pride keeps you from […]

Last One To Die by Michael Essington

03 Dec

So, I sat down on the edge of the building and waited for the show. Bill started crawling on his belly, military-style, until he got to the edge of the building, once there he started beaming oranges at any car that drove by. Now Bill came from a relatively upscale neighborhood in Encino, so the […]

Broken by Michael Essington

22 Sep

Broken Written by: Michael Essington Essex Digital Media, Inc. September 17, 2017 Michael Essington not only understands the seedy underworld but successfully conveys the fear that lurks behind its macho posturing. Broken is easily one of the best books of the year so far. It takes the gut-punching prose and hustle of Last One To […]

Misconceptions of Hell by Michael Essington

04 Aug

Misconceptions of Hell Written by: Michael Essington Essex Digital Media June 25, 2016 Michael Essington is the author of five books, and to read one is perhaps to read them all. Essington is the chronicler of ragged, drunks, the pale, beer-bellied, out-of-work writer lounging in twisted sheets, the cuckold and those dreaming of becoming cuckolds–in […]

4 Past Midnight – Battle Scars & Broken Hearts

16 Jul

4 Past Midnight Battle Scars & Broken Hearts Hedgerow Records Released: July 15, 2017 Fred – Rhythm Guitar Peter – Lead Vocals & Drums Tam – Lead Guitar Stevie – Bass Guitar 01. Do It Now (1:28) 02. For Life (04:08) 03. Politician (4:10) 04. Guilty (4:54) 05. Tonight (1:28) 06. On Tour (3:29) 07. […]

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