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Billy Idol – Greatest Hits

20 May

Billy Idol Greatest Hits Released 2001 Capitol Records Billy Idol – Vocals Steve Stevens – lead guitar, keyboards (1981–1986, 2001–present) Stephen McGrath – bass guitar, backing vocals (2001–present) Billy Morrison – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2010–present) Erik Eldenius – drums, percussion (2012–present) Paul Trudeau – keyboards (2014–present) 1. Dancing With Myself 2. Mony Mony 3. […]

Dying Scene – REVIEW

13 May

Dying Scene, a stupid name, and a piece of shit website. How do I know? Well, let me break this down. Back on April 29, 2010, Dying Scene posted an ad for a Punk News, and Review Editor. Now, those of you who know me know I have a tendency to bite off more than […]

The Old Firm Casuals – The Old Firm Casuals

07 May

The Old Firm Casuals The Old Firm Casuals Released 2011 Oi! The Boat Records Lars Frederiksen (Guitar & Vocals) Casey Watson (Bass & Vocals) Paul Rivas (Drums & Vocals) 1. Old Firm (D.M.S.) 2. Lone Wolf 3. Apocalypse Coming 4. Casual I picked up this 7 inch EP about a month or so back, for […]

The Top Ten Punk Rock Artists

29 Apr

The Top Ten Punk Rock Artists Number 10 Gary Panter Gary Panter was one of the first recognizable “punk” artists, thanks to Slash magazine. He did this great Screamers logo and the design work for Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Rating: *** three out of three stars. Number 9 John Crawford John Crawford had a very distinct […]

Whatever68 Radio Three-Year Anniversary- LIVE

22 Apr

Whatever68 Radio Three-Year Anniversary Blacklight District, Long Beach, CA April 4, 2015 Prior to this show I had never ventured out to Blacklight District. The place was packed with raffle prizes and tons of food. I carpooled with Bob Oedy of The Grim. He was signing his latest book Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide. […]

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