Dying Scene – REVIEW


Dying Scene, a stupid name, and a piece of shit website.

How do I know? Well, let me break this down. Back on April 29, 2010, Dying Scene posted an ad for a Punk News, and Review Editor.

Now, those of you who know me know I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. I don’t have time to be a Punk News, and Review Editor. Between family, job, writing my Mike Check column, and fighting crime under the cover of darkness – I’m busy. But I dig being involved with anything punk related. Be it writing about it, listening to it, and socializing with fellow punks from the old days.

So, like a bonehead I emailed them, and asked for details. The ad made it seem like the position was in New York, so I checked on that. A guy named Dave (he writes on the site as Johnny X), wrote me back, giving me his phone number, and had this to say:

“Hey Mike, I dig your column. Being in LA is not a problem – I run the site and I’m in LA. Give me a call when you get a chance and I can fill you in a bit more on our site and what we’re looking for. I’m around all weekend.

Talk soon.

Dying Scene

So far, so good, right? I write him back, and tell him, it’s going to be a few days before I can call him, and I’ve been running ragged with my Son. He writes back and says:

“No worries, Mike. Give me a call whenever you get a chance. Dave”

Cool. I finally touch base with him, we talk for a few, and I explain my background, what I’ve written.

Then he explains that the position pays nothing, but demands at least four hours a day. I’m bummed, there’s no way I can do this. I leave the house everyday at 6:30 am (5:30 every other Wednesday), and return at 6:00 pm, and try to get in time with my family, I can’t tack on another four hours. So, I apologize, and tell him this, he says no problem, suggests I write some reviews, and then, maybe, we can create a column similar to what I write at Strange Reaction.

Again, it seems cool. Again, those of you who know me know that I don’t write the typical Robert Hilburn review. All my punk music is memories, it’s linked to where I was, who I was around when I listened to a certain band or album. Misfits Walk Among Us, I obtained it through a trade with a guy named Al for a denim jacket. It was engineered by Chris D. of the Flesh Eaters, who I hung out with at the Valley West in Tarzana in 1981 (or was it 1982?) You see, anyone can listen to the album, and make their own judgment, but for me . . . each album goes way beyond the music. The albums are a part of the fabric of my life. So, good review, bad review – it’s irrelevant. It’s like saying “your life sucks.” How do you gauge that?

So that I wouldn’t bog myself down, I decided to write a few reviews, and hold off on trying to create a new column. I was given a few instructions, first anything I review – be prepared to give any, and all albums you review four or five stars. I ask why (as I have slagged many, many albums in the past), Dave says if we don’t have anything nice to say, we don’t review it. OK . . . I guess. And secondly, make sure the band is already mentioned on the site, and has a bio. The second thing isn’t a huge problem. My taste in bands isn’t horribly obscure.

So, I get down to writing. I write a brief review on one of my favorite bands, Everybody Out. They have a very brief and very outdated bio on the site, at least they’re mentioned, and I give the album five stars. Everything’s in order. I email the review to Dave/Johnny X. I hear nothing for a couple of weeks. I get an email saying that I need to set-up an account with Dying Scene, and then upload my reviews; it will be proofed, and then posted. Fine, I type in all my information, and another week goes by, no account confirmation, no password. I email Dave again. He says he will get one of the techs on it. Finally, I get the article up. On May 14, 2010, the review is simultaneously on their site, and their Facebook page. Not much in the way of comments, but that’s OK.

So, I get to work on the second article I wrote about the Dear Landlords album Dream Homes. May 20, 2010, the review is posted, on their website, and their Facebook page. I reviewed it like I do all my reviews, who referred it me, if it was good driving music, etc. So, at the bottom of the review I mention I dig working out to it, that’s it. Dave or Johnny X leaves an anonymous comment on the article, saying something about being glad that I work out, and I’m “jacked,” but I should actually “review” the album. I wrote the Administrator on their Facebook page, and asked if it was possible for someone to leave an anonymous comment, he replied that no, it’s not possible, only someone who works there, and that has admin access can do it.

So, I replied back to “anonymous” to read the whole review, and stop being a douche. He replied back that it is my job to entice him, and make want to purchase the album.

Here’s where I get annoyed. In this day, and age, I don’t need reviews. A friend tells me he likes a group, I can stream their stuff on the band’s website, their My Space page, on You Tube, and then if I chose to be a cheap-ass download it free off of dozens of blog sites (but not this one). So, what I’m saying is: what’s a review going to do? Who gives a shit about a review unless it matches your own opinion?

So, I logged onto their admin, and marked Johnny’s email as spam, and his comments were gone. I wrote Dave, and asked him why his “staff” was writing ignorant (no offense to those that are truly ignorant) shit on my review. He said: “It’s nobody working for DS, it’s just regular users and they talk a lot of shit – you should see the comments on the Against Me! review. Pay them no mind.”


So, I figure the colostomy bag just needed to vent. I let it go, and then wrote a review on Cobra Skulls American Rubicon album. If you notice, I’m doing reviews of very nice, calm, non-hardcore stuff. I was trying to stay within the boundaries of their “obtainable” music. May 25, 2010, the review is posted, on their website, and their Facebook page. It received four comments, and four “thumbs-up.” Not bad.

So, with all the hassle getting the articles posted, the “staff’s” comments, I figured I weathered the worst, and I go on writing. So, I wrote another review of a band called Whatever, they are out of Ohio, and record for, the previously interviewed, Dr. Strange Records. I wrote this article on May 26, 2010. But I notice that neither Whatever or Dr. Strange Records are listed on the site, so I write Dave: “There was a band that I was looking to write about called Whatever, they are on Dr. Strange Records. But I don’t see a listing for Whatever or Dr. Strange. Can I still submit?”

He writes me back: “Yeah, Mike. Go ahead and submit it and I’ll create profiles for both. Don’t check any boxes or anything else on the Edit Post page. Just save as a draft and I’ll take care of the rest. Give me a call later tonight and we can go over some admin stuff.”

Sounds good right?

June 1, 2010, come around and my review never pops up, so I write Johnny X again: “My review of Whatever is still in the queue.”

I get a, somewhat, vague and/or distant reply: “Thanks, Mike. I see it in there, just holding off on publishing it until a slower news day.”

Me being stupid here take him at his word, and figure it will pop up soon, so I start writing again. On Wednesday, June 2, 2010, I write a glowing review of Rancid’s Out Come The Wolves. I combine every bit of trivia I know about these guys, and give a real honest review. I mail it to Dave/Johnny: “I just uploaded a review on an old Rancid album.” Mind you, the Whatever review has yet to be posted.

Dave sends me a weird response: “Hey Mike, I haven’t forgotten about your reviews, but after some feedback from users and other editors I’d like to see more analysis about the music and tracks vs. the story behind how you found the album and where it was recorded, etc. I think your stories are entertaining, but from what I’m hearing from our readers they want a more in depth break down of what they can expect to hear compared to other albums, bands, sounds, etc. Hope that makes sense. If it’s not your bag to get that in depth, no worries. Thanks, dude. Dave”

As I have displayed, there were no negative comments, other than the anonymous guy whose comments were almost verbatim Dave’s email.

In my original review I write this: “The cover art is a tribute to Minor Threat; they originally used the image of Alex MacKaye (Ian’s Brother) with his head on his knees on the steps on their self-titled EP.” So, both of my articles are now sitting on their server. imagine my surprise when I see this posted: http://dyingscene.com/news/fun-factoid-friday-and-out-come-the-cool-cover-art/

So, again I write Dave: “A bit surprised to read this, especially after reading the little article yesterday that plucked all the Rancid trivia from my review.

No worries.”

On June 5, 2010, He writes back: “It was a great trivia fact. Hope you don’t mind that it was used. I definitely appreciate your contributions so far, whether we use them or not. Would you be interested in writing some of our trivia posts vs. the reviews? Like I said, I’m still open to publishing your reviews if you want to take the time to dig a little more into the musical comparisons/descriptions. If writing, trivia posts seems like it would be more fun for you I would gladly publish those for you as well. Let me know. Thanks, Dave “

I stewed over it for a bit, and then I logged onto their admin, and removed my articles. Then on July 7, 2010, I left this comment on their site in regards to their new trivia-based Rancid article: “Kind of a shame that you’d gut somebody’s article, and just steal the trivia. The TMZ of punk rock . . .”

Under his Johnny X identity Dave writes: “Hey Mike, sorry we didn’t publish your Rancid review, but you have to write more than “It’s a great album to work out too.” An album review should go a little bit deeper into what makes the album good or bad. How it sounds compared to the band’s earlier releases or compared to other bands where influences are drawn from. You did throw in the tidbit about the cover art being a tribute to Minor Threat, which was cool, and I’ll give you full credit for the inspiration to this fun factoid post. However, again, I must emphasize that for us to publish an album review you actually have to talk about the music. I’m sorry you are so offended by us not publishing your review submission, but as I mentioned in my email to you, if in depth album review writing is not your thing, we would gladly publish shorter trivia type posts for you.”

This cracks me up. Dave had previously denied writing the anonymous comments, but now is back to quoting the “working-out” shit. If you can’t trust a “punk,” who can you trust?

So, later that same day I add another comment: “Never said I was offended. Just a cheesy move pick the bones of the review, and then not credit me.

You knew my writing style, I have a year’s worth of stuff on Strange Reaction (www.strangereaction.com), so you knew what to expect. I don’t do the type of Us Weekly puff pieces produced here.”

Petty? Maybe, but I got to tag Strange Reaction. In gang-slang I threw up my neighborhood.

I haven’t heard from Dave or Johnny X since. Joke ‘em if they can’t take a fuck.



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The Old Firm Casuals – The Old Firm Casuals


The Old Firm Casuals
The Old Firm Casuals
Released 2011
Oi! The Boat Records

Lars Frederiksen (Guitar & Vocals)
Casey Watson (Bass & Vocals)
Paul Rivas (Drums & Vocals)

1. Old Firm (D.M.S.)
2. Lone Wolf
3. Apocalypse Coming
4. Casual

I picked up this 7 inch EP about a month or so back, for a couple of reasons, mainly for the Rancid connection, mainly, and the fact that these guys are so bloody prolific. I honestly think Tim Armstrong writes in his sleep. Unlike many of their peers, the guys from Rancid will play with anybody, and juggle a hundred bands, and still come back and make great albums.

This EP is a very cool tribute to the Cock Sparrer style of Oi. An enjoyable tribute to the beginnings of the genre.

If you get the chance, give this one a listen, it’s a good EP, hell, go out and buy it (if you can find it).

Rating: ** * two out of three stars.

On to the story . . .

A few years ago I wrote an article about how the older punks (those of us still alive and kicking), ended up looking very cookie-cutter.

I would say about 90% of them have either aped the Mike Ness look, kind of like you work as a 1950’s auto mechanic, or the second most popular look is the Greg Hetson look. You know the “I just got fired from The Geek Squad, and now I have to wear these Clark Kent glasses because I’m homeless.” You know the look.

And with women there is pretty much just the one look, Bettie Page. It seems like there are only slight variations of this look, sometimes a bit more Goth, other times a bit more pin-up.

Well, there is a new trend that is annoying as fuck. A majority of the older punks (forty plus), seem to do nothing but sit around on Facebook all day and post political and religious posts.

The thing that is truly annoying about this is that unlike in the early eighties when we actually thought pissing and moaning about Regan and his politics would accomplish something, these guys are doing nothing, but jerking-off on Facebook.

Here’s an example: One fairly well-known old punk posted a link about Obama either botching up a budget plan or his health care reform, the text the “punk” wrote was “The big disappointment.”

Now, I’m not here to say if Obama is a good or bad president, all I’m saying is these constant links on Facebook are meaningless, and are not accomplishing shit.

Another lump of crap that was posted was an issue with either the Boston or Polish Catholic church. Now we know the church has been an easy mark for any comic or inbred worth their weight in dog crap, but for those who take the time to study this know that the molestation cases in the Catholic Church are minimal compared to the Mormon, Jewish or run of the mill Christian Churches. The difference is if a Rabbi molests someone whom can you blame or target? Whereas if a priest in some drip water town rubs your butt, you immediately blame the Pope, and rally to have the Vatican demolished.

So this posting from this vintage punk rocker has the text “Evilest Pope Ever.” Oh lord. As I have said before, if you are going to carry on about politics, and religion, do something about it. Go on marches, petition, run for an office . . . or better yet, shut the hell up!



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The Top Ten Punk Rock Artists


The Top Ten Punk Rock Artists

Number 10
Gary Panter

Gary Panter was one of the first recognizable “punk” artists, thanks to Slash magazine. He did this great Screamers logo and the design work for Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 9
John Crawford

John Crawford had a very distinct jaggy style. He did some pretty funny anecdotes about the “stars” of punk back in the ‘80’s. He did a funny one of Mike Ness, drinking with Al and Hud Flipside.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 8
Dennis Worden

Dennis Worden’s stuff was always fun. The storylines were always some punks getting into some knucklehead situations. A great relief in Flipside, after reading 20 pages of people whining about the “scene.”

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 7
Raymond Pettibon

Raymond Pettibon was not one of my favorite artists, but his current work is really good, he has evolved to a whole other level. Next to Gary Panter his work is probably the most recognizable, thanks to the SST stuff. I think what used to bug me about his stuff was the constant penis drawings, I’m not a homophobe, but at 14 and 15 I just didn’t get it.

Rating: *** Three out of three stars.

Number 6
Brian Walsby

I have always dug Brian’s art. He has always thought outside of the box. He’s done some cool re-imagining of The Peanuts characters, sometimes putting them into Raymond Pettibon flyers. Always look forward to his latest stuff.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 5
Bob Ray

Bob Ray’s art was always fun, and the stories were always light-hearted. This Cuckoo’s Nest one is great.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 4
John Holmstrom

John Holmstrom had a very heavy comic book style that I dug; he pretty much set the standard for punk rock art. I still dig his stuff today

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 3
Marc Rude

I first noticed Marc’s work with the Battalion of Saints EP. With the amount of dots he uses I always thought each piece must take a day or two to do. Besides the Saints, he did the Earth AD cover for the Misfits.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 2

Unlike most people that dug Pushead’s art, I wasn’t into him for the gore; I initially dug him because his style was so reminiscent of old ‘70’s comic book artist Bernie Wrightson. I loved the old Swamp Thing comics so much that when Pushead came out with the zombies and skulls they were just like Wrightson’s work. I dug him. His work has definitely evolved, good stuff.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Number 1
Shawn Kerri

Shawn as most famous for creating the “skank kid” for the Circle Jerks (who subsequently sued her, claiming they owned the likeness), and doing the drawings in the “mainstream” magazine CARtoons, I dug everything she did.

Rating: *** three out of three stars.

Honorable mentions: Winston Smith and Jamie Reid



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The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide – READING


The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide Reading
La Cita, Los Angeles, CA
April 17, 2015

Bob Oedy, of The Grim and Glue Gun, gave a few readings from his guide book through Vegas and especially Punk Rock Bowling.

Aside from the reading Oedy also had hourly raffles, that put The Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide and copies of The Grim’s CD in the hands of fans.

Bob breaks down every aspect of Vegas and the history of Punk Rock Bowling, the various leagues and the different cities involved.

The coolest part of this book is how he explains how to have fun no matter who you’re with, for example, if you’re with the love of your life, there is a list of wedding chapels. With kids? Lists of miniature golf and animal shows. With some degenerate buddies? A list of all the beers served in Vegas with advice on how to avoid hangovers (one of the passages Oedy read).

The chapters are nice, neat and short, you can sit down, knock out three or four chapters – come back you’re not lost in the book.

Here’s my advice, pick it up and keep it with you for your trip to Vegas whether or not you’re doing the Punk Rock Bowling thing.

Thanks to Anthony Hernandez for the great images.

On to the story . . .

Last night the whole family got together to celebrate my nephew’s twelfth birthday. There was around ten or twelve of us that met up at Claim Jumpers in Northridge. God knows how I do with crowds. I find a person I want to talk and hopefully it’s over in a corner.

Towards the end of the night my son came and sat down with me and played with his portable 3DS. In case I haven’t mentioned in a while, my son isn’t just smart, he’s super smart. Anyway, he’s telling me and my brother-in-law, David how something on his device works. And says, “Luke, you’re a genius. You’re going to be a billionaire.” My son, without even looking up, says, “David, I have no desire for financial gain. I just want to save animals.”

Now, as a parent, you want your kids to be, fairly, well off and happy. But the integrity that this ten-year-old shows makes me proud.

My daughter is leaving for the military tomorrow and my son, hoping to save the world . . . there are those that may say I didn’t have much to do with shaping them. That might be, but whoever is responsible . . . the kids are turning out well.



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Whatever68 Radio Three-Year Anniversary- LIVE


Whatever68 Radio Three-Year Anniversary
Blacklight District, Long Beach, CA
April 4, 2015

Prior to this show I had never ventured out to Blacklight District. The place was packed with raffle prizes and tons of food. I carpooled with Bob Oedy of The Grim. He was signing his latest book Punk Rock Las Vegas Survival Guide.

The first band on was Inazuma. This was my first time seeing them. To my surprise they were really good, sort of rockabilly. They did a great cover of Summertime Blues.

The second band on was Agenda 21. I really like these guys. My only complaint is that I’m not a big fan of the Cookie Monster vocals and these guys are right on the cusp of that sound. Otherwise, nice guys, good songs and good musicians.

The third band on was Patient Zero. I really like these guys. Kind of rockabilly with a street punk thing going. They gave me their demo. I’ll try to review it sometime soon.

The fourth band on was BDSM. My complaint is I’m not a fan of the Cookie Monster vocals and these guys are really into that genre. Otherwise, they were fun and the crowd loved them.

The fifth band of the night was Damaged. They were a good, straightforward punk band.

The sixth band of the night was Inconsiderate Jerks. I wish I had something positive to say about these guys, but I got nothing.

The seventh band of the night was Sculpins. They were a good, straightforward punk band.

The eighth band of the night was Sorry State. They were a great straightforward punk band. The crowd loved them. I dug them too.

After Sorry State wrapped up, Bob and I left. I was beat. So, unfortunately I missed Locjaw, The Logs and Rodents of Unusual Size.

If you have a chance to see any of these bands, go. If you were there you had fun, if you weren’t there – you wish you were.

Thanks to Sal’s Photos for the great images.



Born Frustrated is coming, Summer 2015: http://goo.gl/n9ofGb

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