The Distillers – The Distillers


The Distillers

The Distillers

The Distillers
The Distillers
Label: Epitaph Records
Released: 2000

Brody Dalle – vocals, guitar
Kim Chi Fuellman – bass, vocals
Rose Casper – guitar
Matt Young – drums

1. Oh Serena – 2:32
2. Idoless – 2:28
3. The World Comes Tumblin’ – 3:08
4. L.A. Girl – 2:59
5. Distilla Truant – 2:24
6. Ask the Angels (Ivan Kral, Patti Smith) – 3:10
7. Oldscratch – 0:43
8. Girlfixer (Dalle, Kim Fuellman) – 1:14
9. Open Sky – 3:07
10. Red Carpet and Rebellion – 3:08
11. Colossus U.S.A. – 2:15
12. Blackheart – 1:45
13. Gypsy Rose Lee – 3:54
14. The Blackest Years – 7:28

The punk rock outfit The Distillers first came together in late 1998 when Australian-born guitarist Brody Dalle met bassist Kim Chi and the two bonded over their love for playing punk rock. They proceeded to recruit Detroit guitarist Rose Mazzola and drummer Matt Young.

Signed to Epitaph, the band issued its self-titled debut in April 2000. Sing Sing Death House appeared the same year, but was re-released in early 2002 thanks to the sudden popularity of “Seneca Falls.” By now, Kim Chi had left the group to join Exene Cervenka in her band, the Original Sinners. Ryan Sinn stepped in to replace her; Matt departed to join Chi while Mazzola left during the height of “Seneca Falls”. By summer 2002, The Distillers were composed of Dalle, Sinn, and new drummer Andy Granelli; joint American dates with No Doubt and Garbage were planned for later that fall. Guitarist/vocalist Tony Bradley joined The Distillers in time for the recording of their third album and major-label debut, Coral Fang, which was released in 2003 by Sire. For the album, Armstrong reverted to playing under the name Brody Dalle, following her very public divorce from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong that same year.

Granelli left the band in early 2005, moving on to play with Darker My Love, and by summer, Sinn had exited as well, later joining up with Angels and Airwaves. Despite rumors, The Distillers, now just Dalle and Bradley, denied that they were breaking up, instead simply going on hiatus. In early 2006, Dalle had her first child, daughter Camille, with new husband Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age. By the year’s end, the two remaining members formally announced the band’s disbandment and went on to form Spinnerette together.

Sometime after the final track, “The Blackest Years”, there is a hidden track. It is an early version of “Young Girls” which appears on the next album, Sing Sing Death House. But this version contains different lyrics and is performed by Brody Dalle solo on electric guitar.

“The World Comes Tumblin'” has been covered by The Wildhearts on their album of covers, Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before, Vol 1.

If you get the chance to get a copy of this, check it out.

Rating: ** * Two out of three stars

On to the story . . .

The average public restroom for men has about four to five sit-down stalls and four, five or six stand-up urinals that are divided by pieces of wood that come out of the wall twelve inches and are roughly three to four feet tall.

Now, when these restrooms are empty, there are plenty of options to do your business. So, imagine my surprise last week when I walked into an empty restroom and headed to the furthest urinal. Started my business, looked up and saw someone else walk in and go to the urinal next to me.

In doing so, he broke every man-rule under the sun. I could not contain myself. I looked at the guy and said, “Are you fuckin’ kidding me?”

Zipped up, washed and left while calling him and his mother every combination of curse words I could remember.



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Dropkick Murphys and the Business – Mob Mentality


Dropkick Murphys and The Business

Dropkick Murphys and The Business

Dropkick Murphys and the Business
Mob Mentality
Label: Taang! Records
Released: 2000

1. Mob Mentality (Business, Dropkick Murphys)
2. In the Streets of London (Dropkick Murphys)
3. Informer (Business)
4. Going Strong (Dropkick Murphys)
5. Keep the Faith (Business)
6. Freedom (Business)
7. Boys on the Docks (Dropkick Murphys)
8. Borstal Boys (Ian McLagan, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood)
9. The Kids Are Alright (Pete Townshend)
10. Hang up Your Boots (Slapshot)
11. Knock Me Down (The Outlets)
12. Mob Mentality (Business, Dropkick Murphys)

Dropkick Murphys
Al Barr – vocals
Ken Casey – bass
Rick Barton – guitar
Matt Kelly – drums

The Business
Micky Fitz – Vocals
Johnny Rioux – Bass
Steve Whale – Guitar
Mick Fairbairn – Drums

Mob Mentality is an album by Dropkick Murphys and The Business. Originally, the bands had previously put out a split 7″ single with the name Mob Mentality. This single consisted of three songs, two which were each band covering one of the other band’s songs, and the third was an original song performed by both bands together.

A year later, they released a full-length album with the three previous tracks and nine more. Of the twelve tracks, each band does four covers (two of which were covers of the other band’s songs) and one reworking of a song they originally recorded. The other two tracks are two versions of “Mob Mentality”, an original song performed by both bands together, credited to McBusiness.

Tracks 9, 1 and 4 are about the strongest.

If you get the chance to get a copy of this, check them out.

Rating: ** * two out of five stars

On with the story . . .

In September of 1983, the start of my senior year in high school, I was put into journalism class. I was required to take an English elective; journalism class fits the requirements, so I took it.

The teacher was a guy named Mr. Clyman. Mr. Clyman was an eccentric old guy that was on bad terms with the head-honchos at the school, and had some weird magic trick that he’d show some of the students, he’d make his leg disappear, I never saw it, but had something to do with the angle of the desk.

Anyway, Clyman hated it when seniors took his journalism class. He felt that you should take it in 10th grade and devote the rest of your high school years to his newspaper. 12th graders only have one semester to devote to the paper prior to graduating. So, Clyman would mention this 12th-grade situation EVERYDAY. I usually tried to block out this cranky old dude, but one day I asked him what his beef with seniors was?! He started to rant again, but I cut him off by saying:

“Fuck the paper.”

I don’t know where this came from, but immediately the class fell very quiet. Clyman quietly repeated what I said then the bell rang, and I booked out of there. Within 15 minutes 80% of the school knew about my little outburst. Funny thing was . . . I didn’t get in trouble, and it was never mentioned again.

At the end of the semester Clyman came up to me and said that with my shocking mouth, I should consider writing stories for the paper that would shake things up a bit. I thought about and decided to take the plunge.

A couple of years prior a few of the guys that were in the deaf and hard of hearing program at the school had tried out for the football team and were cut for being deaf. So I combed the DHH department and found several guys that had the same problem.

I wrote the article and Clyman loved it. But the football coach, Mr. Sink let me know that if I wasn’t a student, he’d whip my ass.

The good thing about this is after the article ran a deaf student named Sean became the first deaf guy allowed on the football team. So, sometimes a foul mouth can get things accomplished.



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Eric Leach – Perfect Life


Eric Leach - Perfect Life

Eric Leach – Perfect Life

Eric Leach
Perfect Life
Label: Jailhouse Records
Released: 2016

Eric Leach – vocals, instruments

1. Evl
2. Bedtime Stories
3. Perfect Life
4. Rude
5. Nola Belle
6. Playground Sounds
7. Trouble
8. The Thief
9. Last Flower
10. Flood My Soul
11. One More Day
12. Torn Apart
13. Wonder

When I first heard Eric Leach was off recording some solo stuff, I admit I was wary. Symbol Six is a pretty well-oiled machine. Without saying it, my thoughts were, “Why fuck up a good thing?” My thoughts weren’t necessarily directed at Leach as they were previous “Punk” artists that have done solo acoustic work. Yes, I’m looking at you, Greg Graffin and Tim Armstrong. As much as I’ve liked these guys work within the confines of their bands, their solo stuff forced me to pour large amounts of Clorox into my ear canals.

To my surprise, Leach proved me wrong.

The thirteen songs on Perfect Life (great title cut, by the way) hit me this way:

You go to a party that you don’t want to be at. You’re standing around listening to the host’s wonderful collection of 80’s hits and EDM crap, when out of nowhere a guy in a black leather trench coat says, “Pssst, hey kid.” You look over and from his coat, he pulls out a CD. “Put on Perfect Life. It’ll improve the party.”

And it will improve your party.

If you get the chance to get a copy of this, check it out.

Rating: ** * two out of five stars

On with the story . . .

As a youngster, I didn’t like horror films, sports or cars. Everything that my twenty-something father loved. So, when I was five years old, in an effort to butch me up, my dad enrolled me in a wrestling class at Pierce College. I didn’t care one way or the other if I went. My mom would drop me off and I would learn how to wrestle/become a man.

Now, here’s where I failed at this: One of the kids (for some reason I keep thinking his name was “Kenny”) was very hyper. Even when …it was two of the other kids’ turn to demonstrate the move we were just taught, Kenny would move up and down the line of kids waiting for their turn and would attempt to do a headlock/chokehold on us. No big deal, right?

It just so happened that my father had enrolled himself in a night class at Pierce a few days after my enrollment. His class lets out and he came to check on his son’s new masculinity. What did he see? Me pressed up against the wall with Kenny performing his best date rape techniques on me.

When I finally wrestled away from this kid, all I saw is my dad looking over at me, shaking his head in disgust and then walk away. Hmmm . . . not good. Once I got home, I heard my dad and mom talking in the other room. It went something like this: “I go to check on him and he’s busy hanging all over the other boys.” I wasn’t old enough to understand exactly what was being said, only that my dad was disappointed.

Fast-forward nine years to midway through the eighth grade. I had this tough PE teacher; I think his name was Mr. Santiago. Santiago was also the football coach at Canoga High School. So, our PE regime was not that of an eighth-grade class. He would have two kids hold up this pole and we would come running from one end of the gym to this pole, then vault over it, into a midair somersault and land on a mat. I tried it twice and belly-flopped both times.

Then he switched modules and we would be wrestling for the next month. I was stressing, my last wrestling experience was kind of screwed. Santiago pairs me against the biggest guy in the class on the first day. He was a skinny white boy like me; I thought I had it in the bag. He beat me.

The whole wrestling thing messed with my head. My dad was disappointed in me and now the coach was too. I made this weird goal in my head that I was going to beat that skinny white boy, either on the mat or outside of school. The loss screwed me up a bit. A week later, after Santiago paired everybody off, he asked if anybody wanted to wrestle. I jumped up, and then he asked who I wanted to wrestle? I pointed to the white guy. I wrestled like this guy robbed my family and burnt our house down and left our dog pregnant. I pinned him in about twenty seconds. The guy was shocked and the coach high-fived me.

I’m not sure why I was so worked up about winning, but I was



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Stiff Little Fingers – Get A Life


Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers
Get A Life
Label: Taang! Records
Released: 1994

Jake Burns – vocals/guitar
Bruce Foxton – bass
Dolphin Taylor – drums

1. Get a Life
2. Can’t Believe in You
3. The Road to Kingdom Come
4. Walk Away
5. No Laughing Matter
6. Harp
7. Forensic Evidence
8. Baby Blue (What Have They Been Telling You?)
9. I Want You
10. The Night That the Wall Came Down
11. Cold
12. When the Stars Fall from the Sky
13. What If I Want More

This album is not “punk” in the traditional sense. It’s more a pop-punk album. It may have the punk sentiment, but it’s very polished and produced. Not a bad album in any way, but if you’re looking to mosh in the living room, this isn’t the album to do it to. The title track is probably the best track on the album.

In 1994 they released Get a Life in the UK, releasing it in the U.S. in 1996 (their sixth album). By the end of 1996, Taylor left due to family commitments. Burns called in Steve Grantley, who had played drums for Jake Burns and the Big Wheel in the late 1980s.

If you get the chance to get a copy of this, check them out.

Rating: *** Three out of three stars

On to the story . . .

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing my own little “Project Mayhem.” Not blowing anything up or injuring anyone, but in a sort of passive-aggressive way, giving out free stuff at a big record shop in Hollywood. I have hundreds of albums, and every once in a while I’ll try to pare it down or search for doubles. If I have a double of a CD or DVD that I have burnt myself, I’ll leave it with the magazines in the shop.

With the economy the way it is, it’s my small way of giving people, music, and thumbing my nose at the over-priced crap that’s being sold at these shops.

When I go to this store I also load up the trunk with extra blankets and clothes, books and magazines, and my four-year-old son and I distribute these things to the homeless in Hollywood. Occasionally, we’ll leave some of his extra toys at a shelter.

When you’re out of work, you become very aware of how difficult it is to take a step up, and how hard it is for people who have it harder than yourself. So, if you see a crazy guy with his son dumping free CD’s at Amoeba, take some.



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The Whatever68 4 Year Festival

The Whatever68 4 Year Festival

The Whatever68 4 Year Festival

Brought to you by PP Promo Records & Whatever68 Radio

April 2, 2016, 3:00 pm

Agent 86
Rodents of Unusual Size
Destruction Made Simple
Midnight Track • NSA
A Bleeding Sky
Los Homeless
Mando Shanks

Special Celebrity Guests:
Michael Essington-Author
Bob Oedy-Author/Musician
Damien Castellano-Artist
Timm Saxton-Acoustic sets
Russ Lippitt-Writer

Stage Manager-Max Cook of The Dangerfield
Photographer- Antoinette Arceo
Event Coordinator-Melanie Wyatt

Live Broadcast with DJ Daddy Dirtbag aka Ian Manning

The Bancroft Bar 9143 Campo Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91977

Free 21+ Live Broadcast



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