Stranglers Drummer Jet Black Dies At Age 84 After ‘Years of Ill Health’





Today, the world mourns the passing of Jet Black, drummer for the legendary English punk rock group The Stranglers. He passed away peacefully at his home on December 6th, 2022.

Jet, whose real name was Brian Duffy, was born in London in 1947. Jet was a key member of The Stranglers, who were one of the most successful and influential punk bands of the 1970s and 1980s. Along with vocalist Hugh Cornwell, bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel, and keyboardist Dave Greenfield, Jet helped to define the punk sound and pave the way for many other bands that followed.

His unique drumming style helped shape the band’s sound, and was a major factor in their success, as was his off-stage wit and charm.

Jet Black’s career with The Stranglers spanned four decades, and he was a major influence on the development of punk rock and new wave music. He was a master of the “backbeat” groove, which was the driving force behind the band’s sound. He was also an innovator with his distinctive use of cymbals and double bass drum patterns.

Jet Black was renowned for his incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion for music. He was a true artist who played with a relentless drive. He was an inspiration to many drummers, and his influence will continue to be felt for years to come. He will be sorely missed.

Black retired from performing live with the Stranglers in 2015, having suffered with respiratory health issues since he was a child.

Jet Black’s death comes just two years after the Stranglers’ keyboardist, Dave Greenfield, died at the age of 71 after testing positive for coronavirus.

Black leaves behind his wife, Ava, and his two children, Charlotte and Anthony.

Read Hugh Cornwell’s statement on the passing of Jet Black.

Read the official statement by The Stranglers on the death of Jet Black.

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